Special thanks to Throne Inc. for giving us this wonderful opportunity to participate VFX on “The 13 Lords of the Shogun”. StealthWorks did some ocean fx, crowds simulation and lighting for the ocean battle shots.

Please enjoy the episode 18 that will be on 8th May (Sunday) 8pm NHK General TV or KKTV if you’re watching in Taiwan.

非常謝謝 Throne Inc. 給予我們 StealthWorks Taiwan 這次機會可以參與大河劇「鐮倉殿的13人」製作的機會!這次的VFX是第18集,2022年5月8日(週日)晚上8點NHK綜合台播映(台灣授權KKTV串流平台)。


VFX supervisor:
Jacys Lin

VFX Artist:
Hugo Yau
Wing Yeung
Kuang Yu Lai
Huey Huang
Louis Lee
Shan Pin Hsu

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